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Mobile Suit Gundam: 0080: War in the Pocket 4.5/5

July 14, 2011

First watched this a while ago, but what I really remembered was how annoying the little boy was and how he seemed to be wearing tiny shorts. :lolwut:Decided to rewatch it after seeing a clip of it on youtube randomly.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack 4/5

June 13, 2011

After having to push through with finishing ZZ Gundam, Char’s Counterattack provided a much needed return to form UC gundam. No more silly children, Char and Amuro aswell as some others are back for this film! It goes without saying that MS Gundam and Zeta Gundam are required viewing to truely understand this film. …ZZ can be forgotten about.
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Burn up! 2/5

June 12, 2011

Saw this appear as a random review on AP. Since it was only a single 45 minute episode I thought Id take a look.:yes:

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I’m going to start writing here again!

June 3, 2011

Im not sure what exactly, but theres been a few things I planned on writing many many months ago such as reviews and such :/ which I just never got round to. Right now its a lovely sunny day with not a cloud in the sky :O …fuck me that’s the biggest bee ive ever seen. O_O

Poundland Crap Time!

April 19, 2011

Ive not written anything in far too many months so thought Id post atleast something. So I was bored and wanted to see what crap they had aside from the hilarious toys XD … So I saw this cooling fan thingy:erm:. Heat is a problem I have occasionally. :s: I figured thather then getting a proper cooling thingy that might not fit or would block the fans and make it worse or somesuch …I could just shove this thing for netbooks under and see what happens.:dontknow: The box is made of cardboard and not the usual poundland ton of plastic packaging. :eek:

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Completed Zaku II

October 23, 2010

Nothing to say really, took a week, left my left index finger bloody and about to fall off. Progress pics leading up to this follow.

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Zaku Progress

October 10, 2010

First birthday Ive looked forward to in years.  Even though its been under my bed for weeks I was good and didnt touch it.  So I started today and worked on it slowly. Did the chest, an arm and the head. But had to stop because I kept accidently slicing my finger when removing the excess plastic. Then I sliced it too deep and drew blood.  But it stopped bleeding shortly after and is fine now. Albeit with freaky lines all over. But then the sun went down and I dont feel like doing this under unnatural light since theres not enough. So I stopped for the day. There were tiny bits of plastic everywhere.  Look forward to working on this some more.

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